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Personal ComputerConfiguration & Repair

Course code:MEC0025 (43600)
Mondays and Wednesdays 6:30 P.M. to 9:50 P.m.

Instructor: Mr. Steve O´Toole
E-Mail: Steve OToole

Check the class schedule below

Anyone not attending the first day of class will be droped 
and someone else will be given the opportunity to attend class.
After the first day of class the instructor will not drop a student.
the student must drop the class or receive an F.

CIE25 Syllabus
CIE25 Outline
CIE25 Grading
CIE25 LabReport
CIE25 Lab write up how to.
CIE25 Emergency Procedures
CIE25 Class Schedule


Backup Guide
How to Build a PC
Ubuntu for Beginners
Virtual Box
About your PC


Aurduino Classroom

Open Source Windows Software

1st Half of Class

Vocabulary for 1st half of class
Reference material for 1st half of class
[0] USB Tester Soldering Lab
[1] CPU ID Lab
[2] PC Ports ID Lab
[3] PC ID Lab
[4] Grandma's computer Lab
[5] Ultimate Boot CD Lab
[6] Windows 7 Install Lab
[7] Windows 7 Device drivers Lab
[8] Windows 7 Tweaks Lab
[9] Windows 7 Protection Lab
[10] Drive Partition and image storage Lab
[11] Acronis Backup Lab

[12] Windows 7 Applications Lab
[12] Linux Mint CD Lab
[14] Linux Flash Drive Lab
[15] Virtualization Lab

2nd Half of Class

Vocabulary for 2nd half of class

[21] CIE25 Arduino Lab
[22]Data Logger Lab
[23]RaspberryPi Lab
Flashdrive Formater
Flashdrive Imager
[24] Robotic Arm Lab
[25]Xover Cable and Tester Lab
[26] Basic Network implimentation with DDWRT routers Lab
Installing Apache
[27] Advanced Network implimentation with DDWRT routers Lab
[ 28] Network Layout Diagram
[29] Multi Network implimentation with DDWRT routers Lab
[30] Network Design and monitoring with Whats UP

[31] VSFTPD Install and setup
[32] Final talking points
(Security and Copyright )

Additional Information
Connectors in PDF Format

Operating System Arch

Digital logic gates

Digital logicGates
Logic Gate game schematic1
Logic Gate game schematic2

 Pic Axe info
Batch files and scripting
for these batch files to run you need to rename the "txt" extention to "bat"
Script for DOS Commands
This is a script of the Guessing Game
Class Notes
I/O Connectors
Wiring CAT Cables
Network Guide 

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